SMPS Luncheon: How Strategic Planning Has Shaped One of America’s 50 Best Cities to Live

By Society for Marketing Professional Services KC (other events)

Thursday, November 15 2018 11:00 AM 1:00 PM

Come lunch and learn how strategic planning has shaped one of America’s 50 best cities to live: Olathe, Kansas.

Home to the Johnson County Courthouse, Garmin International Headquarters, Olathe Health System, and Sysco Foods of Kansas City among other major employers. Olathe boasts 39 neighborhood and community parks, 19 miles of trails, and 4 historic/memorial sites. This panel discussion will focus on the latest 20-year plan (Olathe 2040: Future Ready) and will touch on past strategic plans.

What is Olathe 2040?
How do you imagine Olathe in 2040? How will our neighborhoods, jobs, infrastructure, and technology change? These are all important questions to consider as the City enters the 20-year strategic planning process. Over the next several months, the City of Olathe will gather public input to answer these questions, and many more. The Olathe City Council will guide the strategic plan with significant input from a Strategic Planning Advisory Committee and the public. The plan will consider things like infrastructure, economic vitality, and how Olathe will grow and flourish into the future.

Panel Includes:

Emcee: Erin Vader, Assistant Director - Communications (City of Olathe)

Nancy Ingram, Former Planning Commissioner (City of Olathe), Trustee JCCC
Aimee Nassif, Chief Planning and Development Officer (City of Olathe)
Susan Sherman, Assistant City Manager (City of Olathe)
Dean Vakas, COO (K State Olathe)